I'm in love with these little pine cones.  

Once I started making these I couldn't stop.  They looked so good in a bowl that I kept adding "just one more" little sculpture...I just had to try a new size or a different yarn. 

I included a little leather loop "stem" so you could tie them to a package or hang them from a tree.

I currently have listings for four colors - winter white, cool grey, warm tan and deep brown.  More are sure to follow!
MontanaGirl banglesStacking Bangles - Infinite Possibilities!
It's 90 degrees out, Rocky Ford melons are finally at the Farmer's Market, Target's isles are stocked with school supplies, and my head is full of winter scarves and Christmas ornaments.

I work all year building inventory and planning displays.  Some shows you have to commit to as early as January in order to get in.  Some wait until the last minute to tell you that you're accepted.

It can get a little nerve wracking, but that's the game!

You can always find my show schedule here or on my Facebook page.  If you have any suggestions for items or venues I'd love to here from you!


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