Limited Time Offer! 

Fingerless Gloves are reduced by 20%, to a never-before-seen price of $20.00!
Offer good from Midnight MST 11/28/13 - Midnight MST 12/2/13

Crocheted by me in a stretchy stitch and shaped to fit your hand, they are as practical as they are cute! 

Crazy amount of colors available - one for everyone on your list, including you!
I'll reveal some of my color work secrets in my skinny scarf class.  You'll be amazed at the designer results from a beginner scarf.

Join me Thursday, October 17th at 6:00 pm at
Craft Scraps.  Everything is included.

Everyone loves an infinity scarf.  This one uses a unique crochet stitch and everyday household objects to make a thing of beauty in record time.

Join me Saturday, October 12th at 10:00 am.  It's not too late to register through
Craft Scraps and get a head start on your gift list!

And if that wasn't enough, at 2:00 in the afternoon you can learn how to make these terrific little pinecones.  Like mini sculptures, each is unique. 

Group them in a bowl, hang them from your tree, use them as the ultimate addition to a package...the only thing more fun than coming up with how to use them is making them.  You won't be able to stop!

Love the look but crochet isn't your thing?  These are available by the dozen in my
etsy shop!

I'm in love with these little pine cones.  

Once I started making these I couldn't stop.  They looked so good in a bowl that I kept adding "just one more" little sculpture...I just had to try a new size or a different yarn. 

I included a little leather loop "stem" so you could tie them to a package or hang them from a tree.

I currently have listings for four colors - winter white, cool grey, warm tan and deep brown.  More are sure to follow!
Crochet Fiber Stacking Bangles
I just dropped off my samples at Willow for the Ladies Only Sample Tour.  This annual event in the Downtown Littleton Shopping District is great fun.  The "Swag" alone is reason enough for participating and I did my best--colorful crocheted stacking bangles that pair perfectly with the rest of my fiber bracelets.  Let me know if you get one!

Crochet Short Rows Scarf
Over the holidays I had a custom order for a warm scarf- something beautiful but not too frilly. I used it as an excuse to try out a gorgeous yarn - Universal  Shades in "Campfire".

In the mood for something new, I decided to try some "short rows".  Based on a
free pattern by a very talented crochet designer, Vashti Braha, this technique is used more often in knitting than crochet.
I am delighted with how it worked with the yarn's color changes.  I'm thinking of making a few more to put in my etsy shop.

Any suggestions on colors?

Handmade Colorado Exhibit at DIA
Handmade Colorado Exhibit at DIA
The Handmade Colorado exhibit at DIA that I'm participating in has greatly expanded their website and have added a blog.  On a weekly basis each participant is supposed to share what they are currently working on.  It's an interesting peek into the studios and creative processes of crafts people from around the state.  MontanaGirl made it's debut today with a post about my charity crafting efforts.  Hop on over to the exhibit's website and leave a comment so I can look cool in front of the other crafters.

MontanaGirl scrap buster hats
I can make children’s hats
I can make silly, colorful, look-at-me hats.

This pattern for scrap-buster hats fit  the bill.  I dipped into my ever  growing yarn stash and was off. 

One hat, two hats… I don’t want to  stop.
Do you think I’ll start to feel better when I get to  twenty?

I’m sending them to Craftsy Cares for distribution to the homeless.  Maybe you'll join me. 

Why crochet?

I was talking to my friend about our growing businesses (she’s a very talented writer) and she asked “Why crochet? Of all the things you have done in the past, why focus on this?”

Throughout the course of our friendship she has seen the trends - custom decoupage keepsake boxes for kids,  the funky and fantastic beaded fringe bracelets that became my go-to gift for awhile and my first fiber hat and scarf sets when I was still using the Knifty Knitter loom.

Why crochet indeed? 


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