What I should be doing is crocheting like a mad woman to get ready for the upcoming Friends of the Library sale on October 6th here in Littleton.  What I have been doing is uploading old family photos to my Flickr photostream.  If you need a chuckle check them out. 
My sister and I on a combine - 1967
This is the house I spent the first few years of my childhood in.
My mom rocking the boots!
One well-loved recipe!
The demand for snacks in my house is high.  It sometimes seems that I don't even  get food unloaded from the car after a trip to the grocery store before it  disappears.  This recipe is one of my favorites.  It makes 3 loaves, leaves the  house smelling great, and doubles as "breakfast" if the boys grab 5 extra  minutes of sleep before school.

PUmpkin  Bread  REcipe

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