Crochet Fiber Stacking Bangles
I just dropped off my samples at Willow for the Ladies Only Sample Tour.  This annual event in the Downtown Littleton Shopping District is great fun.  The "Swag" alone is reason enough for participating and I did my best--colorful crocheted stacking bangles that pair perfectly with the rest of my fiber bracelets.  Let me know if you get one!

MontanaGirl etsy shop storage
Mid-Century Solution to a Modern Problem
I saw it out of the corner of my eye...honey blonde, mid-century styling...the size looked right.  Could this be what  I was looking for?  Would this be the upgrade I needed for my etsy inventory storage?

Once the dresser was in its new home the dominos began to fall. As often happens to us, what started with a great deal at Goodwill ended with multiple trips to Ikea, leaving us exhausted and starving. 

We finally took the plunge and converted the guest bedroom into a full-fledged home office.  I'm no longer wedged into a corner behind a closet door.  I have a desk and a layout table to hold the architectural plans I use for my "day job" at Wave Engineering.  It will work great as a shipping station as well.   I'm thrilled!

I've already started filling the dresser up with new goodies which I'll share with you here. 

I am not the most computer literate microchip in the motherboard. 

Etsy now has the capability to let customers choose options, like color or size, when checking out.  I've been editing my listings to take advantage of this and needed a color chart.

Insert blank stare here.

PicMonkey to the rescue!  This amazing, FREE on-line photo editing software let me add words to my color chart with a couple clicks of the mouse and a little drag and drop.

 I was feeling so proud of myself I thought I'd get fancy with a photo collage to show off my new bracelets.

Next time you need some  photo editing, give
PicMonkey a try.  You'll be amazed at how awesome you are!

And while you're at it, check out my new bracelet listings and let me know what you think.

MontanaGirl's case in Handmade Colorado exhibit at DIA
Erin Mulrooney, Art and Culture Coordinator for Denver International Airport, works on MontanaGirl's installation for the Handmade Colorado exhibit.
Extra! Extra! I'm one of 27 artisans featured in Handmade Colorado, a 5 month exhibit in Ansbacher Hall - the unsecured walkway between Jeppesen Terminal and the security checkpoint for A gates.  (You might recognize the glass cases) Erin, the exhibit coordinator, found me through my Etsy shop and thought my fiber bracelets and colorful crochet ornaments were perfect for the "wrap" display. 

If you are traveling through DIA and have a few extra minutes, check it out.  The show is a wonderful celebration of Colorado's creative spirit and well worth a look. My case will be about half way, on the left side as you head towards Concourse  A. 

I've been scrambling to create and photograph new inventory.    Let me know what you think!

Something crazy, amazing, pinch-me-I-don't-believe-it wonderful has happened to MontanaGirl.

Everything evolved in under 24 hours so I've been scrambling to make the most of it.  While vacationing in California I used it as an excuse to visit a cute yarn shop in Long Beach.  (Like I ever need an excuse for that!)

Stay tuned!

My trip to see my sister in Long Beach last weekend  included a stop at Crafted, a permanent craft marketplace.  It's an enormous warehouse filled with individual small storefronts.  There was a large variety of artisan foods, apparel, jewelry and art.  It was fun to see some of the people I recognized from etsy "live".  I applaude their efforts to support handmade enterprise and really hope Crafted grows into a thriving destination.

This way to the craft fair?
The Friends of the Library Craft Fair (my biggest sale of the year) is tomorrow.  Last year temps were in the high 80's, which didn't exactly put people in the mood to buy soft, warm, snuggly scarves.

I was hoping it would be a little cooler this year.

Be careful what you wish for!  Current forecasts predict snow flurries and a high temp of 39 degrees.  It might be hard to sell anything if I'm wearing all of it!  If you are a brave sort and don't want to worry about crowds, come  on by.

  If nothing else you can see how I look in blue (lips, that is).

What I should be doing is crocheting like a mad woman to get ready for the upcoming Friends of the Library sale on October 6th here in Littleton.  What I have been doing is uploading old family photos to my Flickr photostream.  If you need a chuckle check them out. 
My sister and I on a combine - 1967
This is the house I spent the first few years of my childhood in.
My mom rocking the boots!


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