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Mid-Century Solution to a Modern Problem
I saw it out of the corner of my eye...honey blonde, mid-century styling...the size looked right.  Could this be what  I was looking for?  Would this be the upgrade I needed for my etsy inventory storage?

Once the dresser was in its new home the dominos began to fall. As often happens to us, what started with a great deal at Goodwill ended with multiple trips to Ikea, leaving us exhausted and starving. 

We finally took the plunge and converted the guest bedroom into a full-fledged home office.  I'm no longer wedged into a corner behind a closet door.  I have a desk and a layout table to hold the architectural plans I use for my "day job" at Wave Engineering.  It will work great as a shipping station as well.   I'm thrilled!

I've already started filling the dresser up with new goodies which I'll share with you here. 

8/1/2013 07:50:22 pm

this looks fine to me, i think you like it too that's why you bought it


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