Fruit Suit
"Fruit Suit" Apple and Pear Protectors
Back-to-School -  Pencils, notebooks, new shoes, meetings, class expectations, clubs, hockey practice, fees!  Once the school doors open the things to worry about start piling up. 

One thing you'll never have to think twice about is sending a healthy fruit snack.  My handmade, 100% cotton apple cozies will get your fruit there in delicious style.  A colorful, fully adjustable "fruit suit", it stretches to accomodate different sizes and types, fully enclosing your apples or pears.

These make unusual and useful gifts for the student (or teacher!) in your life, or for anyone who wants to eat healthier and stop wasting money on bruised fruit that ends up in the compost bin.

Click on the image to check out my current inventory.

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